Term & Condition

About Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions that are provided to you by the supplier will apply as they are. They are applied to your bookings or any deals that are done. Although the deals and booking are done through us what supplier wants you to know and do is what you must discuss or read and accept if you want. Suppliers are the third company whether they are airlines, accommodation companies, tour operators or insurance companies. The completion of the arrangements should not be done unless you get to know all condition, for this, the travel documents and those provided by airlines must be read.

Some of our deals and agreements are only between both, you and us. In these couple of cases, we both will deal with one another and not with the third party. We responsibly let you know about such situations when our dealings are one to one.

As a travel agency, any agreements made between you and the suppliers are done through us. So for them only you and the suppliers are responsible as the offers are not made by Travewideuk.co.uk. We just set up the arrangements between you both. Any selling or provisions are not offered by us instead they are offered through us. If a supplier wants to accept or reject the offer we have full authority to act on their behalf. Airlines' terms and conditions can be various like flight reconfirmation, time of check-in and more you need to comply with them. In case of defiance from you, we are not to be held responsible if your booking is canceled by the airlines' authority.

The charges that are taken from you should be checked and considered because tickets for scheduled flights may have additional conditions for you. You should have a complete knowledge of such terms and conditions. These can be about the period of stay, refunding or any changes. The fares may vary according to relaxations or other factors. So expenses should be decided and discussed earlier.

According to the setup and plan of your journey flights are always in a sequence which should necessarily be followed. If it is not done that way airline may cancel the next flights and is also able to stop refunding.

Reconfirmation is very necessary, especially for certain airlines. After reading their terms thoroughly you will be able to know their requirement that what time they advise you for reconfirmation of the flight. Some may require a 72 hours early reconfirmation. If you are unable to meet such demand airline may cancel your ticket or most probably stop you from boarding. It may also happen that airline does not give a refund back to you. Before this happens Travelwideuk.co.uk advise you to responsibly read terms and conditions and reconfirm all the flights the way they want you to do.